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Bad posture is one of the the greatest and yet underestimated cause of back and neck pain. Much of our back pain results from how we hold ourselves and move.

Posture is becoming an increasingly major factor associated with neck strain and back pain.
One reason is the increasing dependence on computers in the work and social environment resulting in many of us affected by pain associated with sitting/standing with our bodies slumped  forwards.

A slumped posture puts enormous stress on your postural muscles and over time these muscles get tired, worn out and over worked leading to pain and stiffness.

Good posture can make a lasting effect on general health as well as back and neck pain. For example, with better posture we can breath easier as our lungs are able to fill more efficiently therefore improving the oxygenation to our body.

At Suffolk chiropractic if your symptoms are considered  to be associated with bad posture, then your treatment will include advice and instruction on how to adopt the optimum posture.

Liz Bezance is passionate about helping people to understand how they can can help themselves through simple exercises and instruction. Correcting bad posture is not just a matter of “sitting up straight”, rather it is a process that allows you to gradually become more aware of your own body position.