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What to expect at Suffolk Chiropractic

Chiropractic treatment

Your chiropractor will begin with asking your reasons for seeking chiropractic treatment and a discussion about your health. The consultation will take about one hour. You will have a thorough case history taken which will include information about your presenting complaint and also your past health history. With the information gained from the case history and physical assessment, an analysis of your symptoms will be made. A detailed examination will follow and the necessary adjustments made to the relevant joints. If chiropractic is not suitable for you, you will not be charged for this initial session and referred to the appropiate specialist.

You may be asked to undress to your underwear for the first consultation and offered a gown to wear.

Follow up appointments take about half an hour during which time as well as treatment, your chiropractor will give you advice on how you may help your progress – including posture and exercise advice. The number of sessions needed varies considerably depending on:

  • You age: You generally heal more slowly as you get older.
  • The nature of the problem: a simple backache will often clear more quickly than a sciatic problem.
  • How long you have had the problem: Generally, yesterday's injury will resolve faster than one of 20 years standing.
  • You may need more or less treatments depending on your nutrition, exercise and compliance with the treatment programme.

Some patients choose to have maintenance treatments, which help keep the structural balance of the body, these will be booked at relevant periods through the year based on the individual requirements.


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